Announcing the "Friends of the Pavilion"

Fund-Raising Campaign


August 11, 2020


As everyone is acutely aware, the Pandemic has turned our world upside down and changed how we all do business and run our daily lives.

The Pavilion has not escaped the impact of Covid-19 either. We pay our operating expenses from the minimal fees we charge non-profits and the public for the use of the facility. At this time, until we are allowed to resume our normal activities, we literally have little to no income to cover our monthly overhead.

Through the generosity of our marketing consultant, Rich Sprague, he has agreed to develop and manage an ongoing fund-raising campaign at no cost to the Pavilion to help us get through these rough times.

Thus, we have established a “Friends of the Pavilion” campaign and are reaching out to everyone and anyone for contributions. We need to reach a $150,000 goal.

I’ll let Rich tell you more, but any little bit you, your friends, and your associates can do to support us now is greatly appreciated.


Margarida Eidson

Business Manager


August 11, 2020


I’ve been helping the Pavilion with its marketing for nearly a year.

When I learned from the Pavilion management how badly the Pandemic has affected their ability to operate and serve the community, I knew I needed to step in and help.

The Pavilion is not just a venue or a building. It is an institution which over decades has touched thousands of people’s lives. We, as members of, leaders of, and perhaps guests of, the Pavilion must step up to the plate and ensure that it can continue to operate for years to come.

During my short tenure, I’ve come to respect and appreciate the value of the Pavilion and its Board of Trustees and staff. The limited staff gives their blood, sweat and tears to scrape for every penny they can. If you take a few moments and peruse this website, you can see for yourself the abundance of positive influence the Pavilion’s reach has to people young and old alike.

I urge you to click the “Friends of the Pavilion” link and make a contribution to the campaign. Whether it be a one-time small or large gift, or monthly offering, every little bit helps. Time is of the essence.

We just can’t wait until the health crisis is over when we can once again welcome guests with open arms (metaphorically speaking).

On behalf of the Trustees and staff, I, and we, appreciate your donations. Thank you.


Rich Sprague

Campaign Chairperson