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Margarida Eidson and the Poinsettia Pavilion are featured in the May issue of the "Ventura Living" magazine.

The May issue of Ventura Living magazine features a feel-good story about community leader Margarida Eidson and the impact that she and the Poinsettia Pavilion have had on our community.

The article takes one on a glimpse of Margarida’s life, as well as the history of the facility, events and support the Pavilion has provided people and organizations since its founding nearly 75 years ago.

Ventura Living magazine is a monthly publication which is distributed to over 3,000 residents in the Ventura hillside communities surrounding the Pavilion facility on Foothill Rd.

Whether you are familiar with the Pavilion, or just want to learn more about Margarida, or the services and support the Pavilion has provided and continues to provide, you can read or download the article here.

Also, we invite you to visit our website

And, if you are so inclined to support an incredible community organization, we welcome you to donate to the 2024 Capital Campaign. Funds raised are needed to keep the building functioning for decades to come.


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