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The Pavilion now has two AED defibrillators to use in case of medical emergencies.

Lifepak CR Plus can save lives

With up to 100 events hosted a month, and thousands of guests attending, it is … unfortunately … likely that one of these days we will require the use of a defibrillator to save a life.

Rotary Club of Ventura East logo

Fortunately, due to the generous contributions of the Rotary Club of Ventura East and Poinsettia Pavilion trustee Carol Boatner, we now have two Medtronic Lifepak AED defibrillators which we can use in the case of a medical emergency.

Lifepark AED defibrillator

These devices can apply an electric charge or current which may help restore a normal heartbeat due to a cardiac arrest. Unless a sudden cardiac arrest is treated right away with CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and a defibrillator it could be fatal.

Simple to use at a cardiac arrest scene, the LIFEPAK CR Plus defibrillator features:

  • Loud voice prompts and lighted buttons to guide you.

  • Large LCD screen displaying graphics and text for quick reference can be seen from any angle and in bright sunlight.

  • Pre-connected electrodes that help speed your response when every second counts. Pediatric therapy can be easily provided using the Infant/Child Reduced Energy Defibrillation Electrodes.

One of the defibrillators is located down the hallway off the lobby and near the bathrooms. The other is inside the Santa Paula Room.

We hope they will stay put, but, just in case …

Thanks to our supporters for providing funding for these valuable and potentially life-saving units.


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